• Client meeting discuss what the client wants:
    Client was launching a new line of Pokemon characters for TRU and wanted to come up with a display case to showcase as many of the characters to launch with some sort of child interaction within their budget.
    Needed from client:
    Quantity, budget, what retailer, graphics, design parameters, full complement of product if possible, launch dates.
    A. Initial concepts are presented along with estimated pricing & initial time line, Project time line presented to show client all deadlines needed to execute on time.
  • pokemon presentation-1
  • pokemon presentation-2
  • pokemonpresentation-3
  • pokemonpresentation-4
  • pokemonpresentation-5
  • pokemonpresentation-6
  • pokemonpresentation-7
  • pokemonpresentation-8
  • pokemonpresentation-9


  • Any changes to presentation are made if needed.
  • Initial Pre-prototype quote was issued to the client

Tomy Pokemon Launch
Time Line Based on 8/12 Instore

Customer meeting  1/17
Intial concepts 1/31
Concept adjustments 2/10
Customer internal review 2/24
PO for prototype 3/1
Prototype complete; 3/15
Customer/ retail approval 4/15
Changes adjustments made 5/15
Final die lines sent to client 5/15
PO needed 5/27
Final Artwork 6/10
Instruction sheet completion 6/24
Instruction sheet approval 6/30
Product needed 6/24
Drop ship testing completion 7/1
Start ship 8/5
Finish ship 8/14
In-store arrival 8/15-8/16


      • Once final design selected then we proceed to prototype
      • During this stage once the prototype is started die lines are sent to client for any artwork being used for the prototype
      • Prototype presentation, final formal quote & final time line submitted.
      • Client and retail approval


      • PO with final artwork and final production time line signed off on.
      • Final Production
      • Execution: This particular project was dropped shipped to individual retail stores with instructions for store set up.
      • Results: Show casing product and creating an interactive environment resulted in increased sales for entire line. This project ran for multiple years with different designs each year because of the marketing impact the display created.